Cladding a façade with clay bricks

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Cladding a façade with clay bricks


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Cladding a facade with clay bricks, whether it is an interior or exterior facade, can elegantly transform and enhance the overall appearance of a building.
These materials are an architectural marvel due to their durability, sustainability and energy efficiency, clay bricks have thermal mass which makes them easy to maintain temperature.

In winter, the temperature of the clay brick is 2 or 3 degrees higher than the room temperature, and in winter there can be a difference of 3 or 4 degrees between the brick wall and the room temperature, this allows us to keep cool in summer, and warm in winter.

The positive properties of the brick facade not only beautify the architecture, but also beautify it in a way that has a positive impact on the environment.
Among the multitude of choices, architects choose brick facade and facade cladding because the individual properties of brick are far superior to other facing materials of the same type, such as decorative panels, molded bricks and so on.
Decorative brick facade contributes to the creation of environmentally friendly architecture, which has its own aesthetic appeal.



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exterior facade

Facade cladding with Georgian brick requires minimal maintenance and ensures that there are no problems
such as cracks or water leakage in the absence of sealing.
For more than 4000 years, the facade covered with clay tiles has been an architectural elegance that has always amazed visitors and will continue to amaze them in the future.
The aesthetic appearance of the exterior offered by these materials makes it an obvious choice not only for today’s design, but also for the future.

Clay bricks allow architectural innovation and any kind of experimentation. Georgian brick construction products can be used for any type of renovation or construction project and reflect almost any architectural style. An old veneer brick wall evokes a feeling of warmth, home, security and relaxation that the University of Dallas has proven for many years!
Hence, the range of experiments that can be performed on clay products makes it the first choice of architects.

We have already said that facing the facade with clay bricks has the main plus, it is heat-insulated and has a high thermal mass. Clay is an organic material that is naturally thermal and
therefore helps to maintain the temperature of the indoor environment without the need for large levels of heating or cooling. In winter, clay block walls retain heat on the inside of buildings, even if heat is not continuously provided from the outside.
On hot summer days, they prevent overheating and reduce the need for air conditioning.

External brick facade

unlike plaster and decorative plastic panels,  brick  does not need constant renewal. Even in case of serious dirt, it is enough to clean it with water.
Let’s agree that  brick  is a one-time investment that will last for 70-100 years.

Here are some popular advantages of using  brick
tiles: • Bricks are available in a variety of colors
• Clay bricks are lightweight and durable
• Facing tiles can create many different interior wall styles
• Easy to install on interior and exterior walls
• Bricks require little maintenance
• Breathable, durable and recyclable
• Brick tile is energy efficient
• beautiful and practical in many environments

• Decorative bricks add value to the house

Paving tileStructural defects are minimal if these products are installed correctly.
They are durable and will not shrink or deform when dry or swell when wet. Also, they do not crack under prolonged stress.

Buildings made of clay are economical, requiring minimal maintenance. They are versatile and resistant to extreme weather conditions. This makes it the material of the future.
Brick wall cladding is one of the most effective ways to create a beautiful design, a distinctive building, a brick facade will always make an impression on everyone who looks at it.

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