Buildingtech Ltd

Great selection, real brick, stylish and classic interior, perfect beauty.

Each Buildingtec brick is manufactured to the quality standards set by all manufacturing codex.

Your complete satisfaction is the main goal of our company, we guarantee that our bricks will withstand freezing cold and high temperatures, withstand time and remain beautiful for decades.



Finish building your new home with a beautiful featured interior, Since your home is one of your most important investments, Its exterior should protect your investment for a lifetime.

You can be sure that Buildingtech products meet the highest standards and will be beautiful, sophisticated and distinctive.


Buildingtech LLC produces 6 types of environmentally friendly bricks tiles, which are used for interior and exterior cladding.

Our decorative bricks are distinguished by beauty and aesthetics, the sawn material is a selection of high-quality bricks.

The selection of our bricks is started by our contractors, after which the bricks pass the initial inspection, and only after that the work on the bricks begins.


Buildingtech LTD has six unique master cutters with at least five years of experience working with stone, their work is presented not only in Georgia, but also in Romania, Turkey and Serbia in the form of various designs and structures.


The main thing for us is high-level professionalism, cleanliness and a satisfied customer, Buildingtek bricks Bring beauty to many buildings in Georgia, and in Tbilisi already 200+ buildings are covered-cladded with our bricks.

Buildingtec bricks are laboratory tested by SGS Constructions, Millennium laboratory, Bricks produced by buildingtec is of hightest quality.

• We do not make plastic decorative tiles, the product is made of real brick material and does not contain plastic components.


• We do not sell old material, brick cutting starts only after the order.


• Bricks are cut by professionals with many years of experience.


• The order arrives at the appointed time.


• The cutters and labor brigade undergo intensive training and inspection.


• We buy bricks only and only if the product meets our required standards and aesthetics. Buildingtech has the highest standards in the presented field, and our bricks are already exported to Romania, Estonia and Turkey.


• We have interior designers who are well versed in brick interior and exterior design..


• We do not stop expanding and are constantly looking for new experienced personnel.