Advantages of using facade cladding with bricks

Advantages of using facade cladding with bricks


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Exterior facade of a private house

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There are many types of cladding materials, but facade brick tiles have a special place among these many material categories,
we explain why brick wall cladding is the most effective, beautiful, and the first material for both architects
and designers when it comes to wall facade, whether it is an external facade or an internal one. Facade, in the following blogs you will learn more about these reasons, and now we will try to explain to you simply and with a small context why the real brick facade is so in demand in the world market.

Wall cladding with clay bricks dates back to 14,000 years ago, when our ancestors first discovered clay, their clay facade was primitive, but from the preserved clay fossils it is clear that their houses were decorated with facade tiles of various designs, small cozy and warm houses
, today’s bricks are many times stronger and It is more effective than the facade built by our ancestors around the house, but people
were always attracted by the appearance of brick, it is in our blood because for our ancestors, the brick facade meant coziness, home, warm bed, dinner, and family.

That is why the brick facade evokes warm emotions in people today.

We Georgians are lucky, because the facade tiles produced on Georgian soil are not only beautiful but also rich in minerals, while Buildingtek bricks are known not only in the Georgian market but also in the European market, our bricks and our technique belong to the Georgian people!

There are advantages of a brick facade.

Facade cladding 

Facade cladding is one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance and functionality of your home’s exterior and interior. It provides a layer of protection against the elements while enhancing the aesthetics of your property. This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about siding, including what it is, its types, benefits, installation, maintenance, cost, energy efficiency, and common problems.

What is facade cladding?
Facade cladding is the process of covering the exterior or interior walls of a building with materials such as brick, stone, metal or wood. The purpose of facade cladding is to protect the building from environmental factors such as rain, snow, wind and sun, while improving the appearance.

Black facade on the outer wall in the courtyard

Poland, Warsaw Buildingtek brick house.



Buildingtech brick buildings, Poland – Warsaw

Paving gray brick

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  Advantages of using facade cladding with bricks”

Facing the facade with bricks is an effective way to improve the exterior and interior of your home. Here are some advantages of using brick facade cladding:

1. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal
The use of brick cladding adds a rustic charm to any home or building. It gives a natural and earthy feel and gives a unique look that cannot be achieved with other materials. Facade cladding with bricks can transform any building, modern or traditional, into a work of art.

2. Improved insulation
Facing the facade with bricks improves the insulation of the building, reduces heat loss and energy consumption. Brick acts as a thermal barrier, which helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year. The insulating properties of brick make it an ideal material for cladding facades in extreme weather conditions.

3. Durability and Durability
Brick cladding is durable and long-lasting, providing a durable exterior that can stand the test of time. It requires minimal maintenance and is resistant to weather and corrosion. Facade cladding with bricks can last for decades, making it an economical investment.

4. Sound insulation of the facade
Facing the facade with bricks can also improve the sound insulation of the building. Brick is an excellent acoustic insulator, reducing noise levels and providing a quieter environment. This is particularly useful for buildings located in noisy environments such as busy streets or near airports.

5. Brick Facade Fire Protection
Brick cladding is fire resistant, making it a safe choice for cladding facades. In the event of a fire, brick cladding can prevent the spread of fire, providing valuable time for occupants to evacuate the building. This is an important factor to consider when choosing a facade cladding material.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brick Facade
Here are some frequently asked questions about brick facade:

Q1. Is brick facade cladding for all types of buildings?
A1. Facade cladding with bricks is suitable for a wide range of buildings, from residential houses to commercial buildings. It can be used for both exterior and interior and can be adapted to different architectural styles.

Q2. How does brick facade cladding compare with other materials?
A2. Facade cladding with brick offers several advantages over other materials. It is more durable and long-lasting than many other flooring materials and offers excellent insulation and sound insulation properties. It also provides a unique aesthetic appeal that cannot be achieved with other materials.

Q3. How much maintenance does a brick facade require?
A3. Facing the facade with bricks requires minimal maintenance. Brick is resistant to weather and corrosion and can last for decades without needing any major repairs or replacements.

Q4. Is it possible to cover the facade with bricks in extreme weather conditions?
A4. Yes, brick facade cladding is suitable for use in extreme weather conditions. The insulating properties of brick make it an ideal material for cladding facades in areas with hot summers or cold winters.

Q5. Is covering the facade with bricks environmentally friendly?
A5. Yes, cladding the facade with bricks is an environmentally friendly option. Bricks are made from natural materials and are recyclable. They also offer excellent insulation properties, reduce energy consumption and promote more sustainable building design.

Facing the facade with bricks is an effective way to improve the exterior and interior of the building. It offers several benefits including improved insulation, durability, sound insulation and fire resistance. With minimal maintenance

Decorative brick tile

Paving brick tiles

Color of facade tiles










Buildingtech paving bricks are tested by SJS-Millennium Laboratory in Switzerland.

Attention” Buildingtek produces only real bricks

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Other questions about facade cladding

• Thermal mass of a brick-clad facade
Thermal mass is the ability of the material to absorb, store and release heat and cold, the temperature of a brick-clad wall is high in winter and low in summer.

• Brick facade appearance
Brick facade cladding can make a property more aesthetically pleasing from the outside, increasing its curb appeal. Brick wall cladding is also available in a variety of colors to match other building features.

• Brick restores strength
Brick facade cladding can protect the exterior of the building on which it is installed from cracks and polluting conditions, brick facade can also protect the building from mold and other damage caused by temperature changes.

• Less maintenance
Brick facade cladding requires minimal maintenance compared to painting. In order for the brick coating to look its best, it simply needs to be washed from time to time.

• Insulation
A brick facade provides enhanced insulation of buildings against both noise and heat loss, which is particularly useful for properties in busy urban environments.

• Wall Cladding It’s Energy Saving
Improved temperature regulation from the insulation provided by brick cladding will result in long-term energy savings over time.

• Brick protects interiors
Brick cladding can protect buildings from water ingress to prevent costly interior damage that is difficult to repair.

• Wall Facade Increase property value
Brick cladding can significantly increase property value due to its aesthetic and practical benefits.

• Affordability of brick facades
Installing a brick facade is much more affordable than building a full brick wall. Brick tiles are also sold in half square meter boxes, so small areas can be finished at a low cost.

• Durability
Because Buildingtek brick tiles are made from real clay bricks, they will last for many years.

Interiors with firebricks are not combustible, so they provide greater protection against fire and heat, depending on how they are constructed and used.

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