Brick house design | Home decoration

Brick house design | Home decoration

Brick house design | Home decoration
Facade brick design of the house interior and exterior brick cladding

Among the many architectural wonders of the world, one recurring thing is the use of bricks.
Often used in house construction, brick with its rustic and rough appeal,
It is traditionally used to build grand structures of historical importance.

Brick house designs are quite popular in the modern world as well.
Because they allow the house to be different from the rest – a brick house has a completely different character and there is no chance
For someone to miss him on a crowded street. Aesthetically attractive and structurally sound,
Brick houses remain extremely popular in Georgia.

As a home owner,
If you want this type of construction and plan to have your own veneer style brick design,
Buildingtech will give you a way to do this, see our brick types and prices here – https://agurebi.ge/agurebi/

Design of brick houses: what is a brick house?
A brick house is a structure built using two layers of bricks or one layer of concrete mixture and one layer of bricks.
Since a brick house stays cool in summer and retains heat in winter, they are traditionally quite popular in countries where
such as India, America, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, Serbia, and many other advanced countries,
The brick facade protects the exterior in all weather conditions.

Advantages of brick houses
• Highly durable
• Easy to maintain
• Energy efficient
• Environmentally friendly
• Waterproof and moisture resistant
• Fire-resistant
• Weather resistant
• Low maintenance
• Adds value to the home
• Aesthetically attractive

Brick house design tips
When combined with more modern elements such as tiles, mirrors and metal,
Exposed brick walls become the essence of modernity and tradition.

Buildingtech brick design

The bricks produced by Buildingtek are pure Vanir style clay, these types include old Georgian bricks – Kakhuri bricks and other cut and sawn bricks,
Veneers are expensive types of bricks that are in great demand in European countries, we Georgians are lucky because we have such a large amount of real clay bricks, and exactly the types that are constantly sought after in our neighboring countries.

Buildingtek bricks are suitable for any facade design, whether it is for internal or external interior cladding, so learn about the types of bricks (go to the link) – https://agurebi.ge/agurebi/