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Brick house design | Home decoration


Exterior facade cladding | Facade cladding

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exterior facadeBefore we tell you why a brick facade is the first choice for designers and architects, and which you will learn more about in our other blogs, let’s list
12 reasons why it is preferable to cover the facade with real brick!

• Thermal mass of facade brick
Thermal mass is the ability of the material to absorb, store and release heat and cold, the temperature of the brick wall is high in winter and low in summer.

• The appearance of facing brick
Facade cladding with brick can make a property more aesthetically pleasing from the outside, increasing its curb appeal. Brick wall cladding is also available in a variety of colors to match other building features.

• Adds value to the house.
Facing the external and internal facade design of the house with bricks adds value, the price of your house or building increases significantly with a brick facade.

• Facing brick restores strength
Facing brick can protect the exterior of the building on which it is installed from cracking and polluting conditions, the facing brick can also protect the building from mold and other damage caused by temperature changes.

• Agrusi facade needs less maintenance
Brick facade cladding requires minimal maintenance compared to painting. In order for the brick coating to look its best, it simply needs to be washed from time to time.

• Brick slab insulation
Brick facades provide enhanced insulation of buildings against both noise and heat loss, which is particularly useful for properties in busy urban environments.

• Energy savings
The improved temperature regulation from the insulation provided by brickwork will result in long-term energy savings over time.

• Brick protects interiors
Brick cladding can protect buildings from water ingress to prevent costly interior damage that is difficult to repair.

• External Facade Cladding Increases Property Value
Brick cladding can significantly increase property value due to its aesthetic and practical benefits.

• Brick availability
Installing a brick facade is much more affordable than building a full brick wall. Brick tiles are also sold in half square meter boxes, so small areas can be finished at a low cost.

• Longevity of the facade
Because Buildingtek brick tiles are made of real clay bricks, it will retain its original appearance for many years.

• Firebrick
interior and exterior facades are non-combustible, so they provide greater protection against fire and heat, depending on how they are constructed and used.


Exterior facade cladding | Different concepts

Modern-Brick-house-in-MexicoFinishing the exterior facade of the house: the exterior facade of the house is one of the most important, the exterior facade tile should be strong water-resistant, moisture-proof in many cases more or less moisture-proof, and it should also look elegant, the ideal exterior facade tiles from Buildingtek bricks are Georgian dark and gray bricks, and Kakhur bricks. tiles

Exterior facade of a private house: The exterior facade of a private house should express the look of a country house, as well as a 21st-century design, it should be elegant and at the same time old-looking, ideal brick tiles are Kakhuri, Russian, Georgian and Iranian.

Exterior wall facade: The exterior wall may be a fence, a protective barrier, a cellar, a pantry, in this case elegance and a classic look of brick tiles is not necessary, Buildingtech recommends a more ancient look that Georgian and Kakhi bricks have.

Exterior Facade Panels: Facade panels are of many types, a facade panel means a plastic mixture or a collage of single fake bricks that are attached to the wall with plasterboard, this type of brick is not recommended by Buildingtech, but it is possible to make panels with real bricks.

Design of the exterior facade: The design of the exterior facade can be many, upon the request of the designer, Buildingtech has professional designers who will help you choose the design of the exterior facade.

Exterior Facade Decor: Exterior facade decor differs from exterior facade design in that the decor may be a purely aesthetic inclusion of brick on the exterior facade, meaning that very few brick tiles will be used, and large amounts of other facade materials.

Exterior facade paints: exterior facade paints that are applied to the brick surface, the so-called varnish, are of different colors, reddish, dark, and colorless.

But remember that it is not necessary to varnish the Boldingtek brick tile, in most cases it is not advisable to varnish the exterior facade, and on the interior interior facade, according to taste.


Design of the exterior facade of the house

Exterior facade tiles

The external facade of the house plays a decisive role in its overall aesthetic

in attractiveness. One of the popular and stylish options for finishing the exterior of the house is the use of real brick.

Real brick offers a level of flexibility and design that may not be available in other paving materials. The natural variation in color, texture, and size of each brick can add depth and character to a home’s facade. Additionally, a brick wall can be patterned in a variety of patterns to create unique visual interest.

Brick is not only a versatile design element, it is also very durable. Real brick is resistant to fire, rot and pests, making it an excellent choice for long-lasting, low-maintenance exterior cladding.

In addition, brick is also an environmentally friendly option as it is a natural and sustainable material. The brick manufacturing process uses less energy and creates less waste than other building materials, and the material itself is recyclable.

In conclusion, real brick is a flexible, elegant and beautiful choice for cladding the exterior facade of a house. It offers a wide range of design options, while being durable and low-maintenance and environmentally friendly. When used to finish a home’s exterior, brick can add depth, character and unique visual interest to the overall aesthetic appeal of the structure.

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