Brick wall cladding – interior and exterior interior facade of various designs

The brick wall of the restaurant

Brick wall cladding – interior and exterior interior facade of various designs

In 2002, graduate students at the University of Dallas conducted a long-term study of where people preferred to spend their time as customers and consumers.
More than 8,000 people were presented with photos of cafes, bars and restaurants and asked where they would prefer to spend time, whether with friends, family or a loved one.
The buildings whose photos were presented featured many designs, but the surprising thing was that 82.3% unanimously chose a small veneer-style cafe that stood at the end of Tribacea Street in New York and had a brick facade with a non-innovative design.
had no design, With only a veneer-type old brick facade, and an unremarkable bench table, the University of Dallas began to question why people preferred the old clay brick look to the new architectural innovation design, and they came to a conclusion!
Our ancestors, from the year 1000 according to the old calendar, were covering their houses with clay bricks.
In these houses they slept, ate, relaxed, sang, danced, perhaps this feeling of safety, warmth and being at home, to see people as one
evolutionary division, which evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort in the human mind, when a person looks at a brick facade, the word clay comes from the second half of the twelfth century, this color in the minds of our ancestors meant home and warmth, fireplace, fire, wine, family,
And not only in Georgia, Asia and Europe share our opinion.In Europe, fast food establishments, restaurants and cafes, with brick facades, have become more and more numerous.

Any point covered with veneer brick tiles, be it a cafe, bar, restaurant, home, office, or just a fireplace, will create a feeling of warmth and security in people,
Georgian brick, as an advanced brick in veneer type facade bricks, is one of the most beautiful environmentally friendly products that can last for a hundred years.If you want to add to your home, business premises, restaurant, bar, cafe, or any building, something that fills people with life and peace, consider a brick facade, and remember a brick facade is a 100-year investment,
Which not only you but also your descendants will enjoy watching.
We Georgians are lucky because the minerals extracted from our soil and the material used to make our old bricks are one of the most demanded in the European market.
Advantages of brick paving:
• Highly durable
• Easy to maintain
• Energy efficient
• Environmentally friendly
• Waterproof and moisture resistant
• Fire-resistant
• Weather resistant
• Low maintenance
• Adds value to the home
• Aesthetically attractive
• Light and durable

• Can create many different styles of interior walls

• Easy installation on internal and external walls

• Requires little maintenance

•Breathable, durable and recyclable

• They are energy efficient

• Beautiful and practical in many environments
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