Buildingtek’s brick house is located in N15 Guramishvili Street in Tbilisi. The bricks produced here in Georgia are distinguished by their characteristics, the clay produced from our soil contains a very large amount of diopside, wollastonite and orthoclase, these minerals are unknown to you, but I would like to explain to you why Georgian bricks had an incredibly high price in the European market, and why Georgian bricks were built with Georgian bricks in 1850-1920 only Houses of the rich!

Buildingtech and Georgian bricks in general are moisture resistant, you will probably come across advertisements for facade bricks on various websites, which offer bricks at a cast price only, which consist of a mixture of cement and silt, as well as a mixture of several substances, which produce fake bricks, fake bricks are the term used in our field, these bricks cannot be You can tell the difference between natural brick and brick without a detailed observation, we must say that this brick may be beautiful, but it does not have the characteristics that the bricks produced by us. Therefore, for this reason and many other reasons, our bricks stand out with all the qualities that you and your home or business location-building. And whether your design is an external or an internal facade needs so much, our company will take care that not only you but also others will enjoy looking at our bricks after 100 years. Best wishes, Buildingtech!

Thin brick tiles can be purchased to cover the interior wall in one piece, creating a brick veneer.
The bricks used for veneers are real bricks, and are cut thinner to reduce weight and size, allowing them to be attached to drywall or similar surfaces.
They are still as porous.

Wall covering requires a professional experienced worker who will measure every centimeter, don’t forget,
that you will need to add grout between the bricks to fill the space, which adds stability, improves acoustics and improves the overall aesthetic.

Here are some popular advantages of using brick tiles:

•Various colors are available

• Light and durable

• Can create many different styles of interior walls

• Easy installation on internal and external walls

• Requires little maintenance

•Breathable, durable and recyclable

• They are energy efficient

• Beautiful and practical in many environments

Here you can learn about the types of bricks