Facade facing with bricks and a brigade of paving workers

ფასადის ფილა, დეკორატიული ფილა, აგურის ფილა,

Facade facing with bricks and a brigade of paving workers

Cladding a wall with bricks may seem easy from the outside, but anyone who has had a little contact with this work knows that when gluing facade bricks to any kind of wall, careful observation and accuracy are required, and professionalism.

The brick facade is traditionally laid by a so-called mason, who generally works with a team due to speed. Some companies, not only in Georgia, initially avoid hiring workers in this spectrum, because this work is done thoroughly only by professionals. We warn customers not to entrust the work to private pavers because it is impossible to correctly calculate their experience before the work begins.

A person who starts to cover a wall needs the necessary material, which often a private worker does not have, as a result of which the final appearance of the facade is imperceptible to the human eye and often unaesthetic.
Buildingtek’s workforce is permanently trained in a wide range of fields, our workers have the highest quality equipment to tackle any type of work.

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Brick cladding also plays an aesthetic role. It is the part of the building that people see and therefore can determine how people perceive the building. Bricks can be run in different patterns or courses to create visual interest, and sometimes different types of courses are used on the same structure to add texture and layering to the building to make it more aesthetically pleasing. This type of paving can also have a variety of bricks and different brick sizes for even more variation.