აგურით მოპირკეთება გარე ფასადის დეკორატიული საფასადე ფილებით გარე ფასადის დიზაინი


Who doesn’t love the look and feel of an exposed brick wall? The warmth and color that bare brick gives us is timeless. Luckily, achieving this look is easier than ever; Brick tiles are an affordable and effective way to update the interior or exterior of your home without building a new brick wall. Brick tile Also known as sawn brick or brick veneer; brick tile is a thin piece of brick that can be laid over a surface to give it the look of a real brick wall. Although it lacks the structural support that a traditional brick wall provides, a brick tile wall is just as aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient as a regular brick wall. In fact, the difference is hard (if not impossible) to notice. Brick tiles are convenient because, unlike full-size bricks, they take up only a fraction of the space, and are economical and easy to install. Although brick tiles do not have the structural integrity of a conventional brick wall, they retain the insulating effect of a normal sized brick.

10 places where you can effectively use brick walls | AGURIS FASADI | FASADIS AGURI:
Kitchens Use smooth brick veneers to create a warm and inviting environment in your kitchen.
Bathrooms Accent the bathroom wall with brick tiles or highlight the door frame. LIVING ROOM An exposed brick wall can enhance the character and warmth of a living room.
Children’s Rooms You can be creative with brightly colored brick veneers for children’s rooms.
Patio Areas With the right style, you can create a modern outdoor patio area with brick patios.
Restaurants and Bars Bricks are perfect for public and commercial areas because they are durable.
Exterior Structures With proper installation and sealing, you can easily use brick chips outdoors.
Office Spaces Update your office with beautiful modern brick slides.
Hallway Floors Add durable brick pavers to your hallway floor.
Fireplaces Traditional brick veneers are great for your fireplace because they handle heat well.
Although brick tiles do not have the structural integrity of a conventional brick wall, they retain the insulating effect of a normal sized brick.
Buildingtech and Georgian bricks in general are moisture resistant, you will probably come across advertisements for facade bricks on various websites, which offer bricks at a cast price only, which consist of a mixture of cement and silt, as well as a mixture of several substances, which produce fake bricks, fake bricks are the term used in our field, these bricks cannot be You can tell the difference between natural brick and brick without a detailed observation, we must say that this brick may be beautiful, but it does not have the characteristics that the bricks produced by us. Therefore, for this reason and many other reasons, our bricks stand out with all the qualities that you and your home or business location-building. And whether your design is an external or an internal facade needs so much, our company will take care that not only you but also others will enjoy looking at our bricks after 100 years. Best wishes, Buildingtech!