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Paving brick | Brickwork

Finishing of wall facades

The external facade and internal facade of the house is one of the primary architectural and design calculations when it comes to the complete face change of the house, foreign designers of the project

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From the beginning, they choose the appropriate brick tile, color – size and strength, whether it is a real veneer brick or an imitation of a decorative mold brick, or a decorative facade panel, because experienced designers during home renovations know
that facade cladding radically changes the appearance of the house, whether it is internal or external wall cladding. , and facade tiles not only give a classic look to the house, but also add visual impact,
and determining the final price of the house, a brick wall significantly adds value to your property.

In many European countries, where Georgian bricks start at 90 euros per square meter and the oldest tiles are close to 210 euros, these brick houses have an exceptional price because real clay bricks are expensive in the European market.

All facade bricks in one picture

The population of Georgia should know that Georgian brick is one of the most sought-after facing brick tiles in the European market, because real clay bricks, which are found in Europe only in Estonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Georgia, are of the highest quality, minerals and composition, and Buildingtech bricks are known as an advanced brick tile manufacturer not only in Georgia
. but in 5 European countries.

Buildingtech bricks are tested by SJS-Millennium in a Swiss laboratory, and our bricks have the highest quality mineral content.

For the classic and design
look of the house, the facing tile and its quality play a big role in the appearance of the exterior and interior facade of the house,

Covering the external facade with brick tiles is in many cases necessary because wall covering has many positive features.


Paving facade tiles and bricks

Wall covering with tiles is one of the first choices of designers when it comes to a classic luxury yet elegant look.

Cladding the exterior walls of the house is appropriate for all projects, whether it is a commercial facility, an office or a house, brick wall cladding can be easily incorporated during renovation,
because you can decorate the wall at any time, even in parallel with the renovation. He discovered clay for the first time, and probably for this reason, a brick
facade always evokes a sensation of warmth and peace in the human mind. There are many types of brick that you can use to beautify your walls, which you can find on the Buildingtech website by following this link, but before you go to the link, let’s share the positive qualities of wall cladding.


Wall covering tile

Brick tiles (real brick tiles) and not imitation bricks have thermal mass,
thermal mass is a unique property of brick tiles and Georgian brick that allows it to retain heat and provide inertia to temperature fluctuations, to briefly explain a brick wall, in winter it is constantly 3- 4 °C will be high and
in summer it will be 2-3 °C high, this is the feature that an experienced buyer is looking for, because the imitation brick that has multiplied on the Georgian market does not have this feature and it is used only for visuality, in addition, the real brick tile is environmentally friendly.
A brick wall easily retains oxygen and calcium, which is a highly sought-after feature in Europe when it comes to design and at the same time ecological cleanliness.

Wall coverings can be designed in the form of colors and antiques,


• If the buyer wants the facing wall to have a classic look, which is characteristic of old Georgian bricks!

• If the buyer wants a mix of European and Georgian brick and a heavy yellowish beige look, Kakhuri brick tiles are ideal for exterior and interior wall cladding!

• If the buyer wants old-fashioned brick but at the same time needs a modern design, Georgian gray or dark brick is an ideal mix for a modern and at the same time classic wall facade!

• If the buyer needs to cover the wall with decorative concrete bricks, Buildingtech has 3 unique types of bricks that are our trademark!

• If you want paving tiles of many colors, volume and aesthetics, to view the brick catalog, go to the link with the green text below and see the decorative tiles!

• For these reasons and many more, buildingtec real brick wall cladding will be a one-hundred-year investment that will add a classic, elegant, stylish and beautiful look to your interior and exterior.

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